Tuesday, July 12, 2005

6 equals 14


I recently had the most unforgettable experience. We were traveling in a group to Vaishno Devi and were booked on a train. However, we were 14 people and only 6 tickets got confirmed. So we travelled Swades ishtyle - 14 people on 6 seats.

The fun began when we left the station - with almost everyone walking past our compartment looking at us in amazement - it was a sight to be witnessed - people were coming out of all cracks. And the ruccus we created was almost enough to drive the next compartment people to give us their seats in order for us to shut up.

Time came to catch a few winks - we all knew that the next day will be tough since we were going to do an all night journey of 24 Km on foot. So we thought let the Husban and Wives share one seat. Now this all seams a great idea and you get to hold your spouse close enough while sleeping. However, I am 6'1" - broad - not thin. I had almost a crazy experience - I would rest one leg ontop of another - try different gymnastic positions and try to sleep. Ditto for my wife since she was also trying to sleep and make me comfortable. At one instance I was doing a meditation yoga asan like a rishi-muni and trying to sleep.

As for the other 12 persons - it was hillarious - one of them was lying on top of another - and with the jhatkas of the Indian Railways - it was quite funny.

All in all, a crazy, hillarious, tough, endless journey came to a hault after 9 hours. We reached with a stiff and cramped back, neck, knee, hamstrings, feet, hands, and whatever other parts you can imagine (off course not those ones!!).

As my friend put - this was a first in the history of the train - and an unforgettable experience for the rest of us.